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I want to share some free template which i get from blogwalking and forum
[FREE] PicSense WP Theme - Theme Keren dan Cantik Buat Blog Wallpaper!
preview : PicSense WP Theme
Fitur2 Utama

  • Fast loading
  • Cool Design
  • Adsense Ready (728×15 or 728×90), can be placed easily from theme option
  • Left sidebar
  • Auto related pictures on single post based on category
  • WP Pagenavi support
  • And many more, like what you see on the pictures above
  • And sure! It’s totally free!


  1. untuk mendapatkan hasil maksimal, settingan media >> Thumbnail 220x200
  2. yang ngilangin link footer, terus terang saya ndak ikhlas
  3. ndak boleh dijual, boleh diedit

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Passwordnya in  facebookpage! So, like it first halaman facebook wp theme sense!!

for online store

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