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Even more familiar than the iPhone 5's design is the grid of apps that makes up its iOS homescreen. The way iOS works hasn't really changed since 2007, and iOS 6 sticks pretty rigidly to the programme. While certain Stuffers are among those looking for a more fundamental update that would give the iPhone a 'living' feeling as seen in Android's widgets and Windows Phone's live tiles, beneath iOS 6's familiar looks are a number of handy tweaks.

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There are obvious touches, such as the 'New' flash that appears across across the icons of any app you've just downloaded, and the sticky gum visual that stretches from the top of the email app as you drag down the list to pull in new messages. Then there's the new 'Do Not Disturb' feature hidden in the settings menu, which allows you to specify how contactable you are to different callers.

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Social features have had subtle upgrades, too. Facebook is now just as integrated as Twitter, allowing you to post photos direct from the (also subtly upgraded) Photos app and using Siri. Friends' birthdays appear in Calendar and phone numbers in Contacts. Got too many friends? Birthdays every day? You should have thought of that before you befriended them all.

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The shared Photo Stream can be set to send a notification to your nearest and dearest whenever you add a new photo, Facetime now works over 3G as well as Wi-Fi, and there's a VIP inbox into which messages from your chosen contacts are automatically filtered and that notifies you whenever you receive an important missive. Just as usefully, you can now assign different email signatures to different accounts.

Nothing is exactly revolutionary, though. Apple has decided that iOS isn't broken and so hasn't issued a fix. To be fair, it's a brilliantly intuitive operating system to live with; it's just that the widget-based homescreens of Android are more exciting, more instantly informative and more, well, new. For now this link in the iPhone's chain is holding, but it's weakening.

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