this good slider made by css not javascript light slider image.. Observations/thoughts/problems after developing this hunk of code: 1. Browser support. Currently, CSS3 keyframe animations are only supported by WebKit browsers and FireFox. Although that covers the major browsers in today's market share, this still causes a good amount of concern. Of course, it's just a matter of time before IE suppor - ok no...I can't finish typing that with a straight face. 2. Amount of slides isn't dynamic/fluid. As of now, the slider must contain exactly 4 slides. If you wish to add or subtract, you'll have to spend a fair amount of time adjusting the animations/keyframes. I could possibly create some PHP that detects how many slides there are. From there, it would dynamically select the correct, pre-defined animation (if there are 3 slides, use this animation set up. If there are 5 slides, use this animation set up instead). However, by that point, you start to wonder why you're not just using good ol' jQuery. 3. Haven't found a practical way to create navigation on the slide (using pure CSS/HTML) - yet. Any ideas on this (or anything for that matter) would be more than welcome! download : http://iamceege.com/pure-css3-content-slider/source/pure-css3-content-sl... from : http://iamceege.com/pure-css3-content-slider/#