Android For Beginners: Guidelines And Tricks To Your New Smartphone

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Android For Beginners: Guidelines And Tricks To Your New Smartphone

(Pocket-lint) – If you are maintaining your vibrant new Android smartphone and questioning the way to get the maximum from it, you then’ve come to the right vicinity.

Whether that is your first smartphone, you have just hopped over from an iPhone, or you’ve had a number of Android handsets, we’ve pulled collectively some of the exceptional Android guidelines and tricks to help you get the maximum from your new cellphone.

There are extraordinary versions of the software, there are masses of different producer skins layered over that Android core, like the ones from Samsung or LG, and there’s a limitless stage of customisation you could observe from Google Play, or different third-party resources.

Few Android gadgets are alike, but all Android devices have the equal foundation. So, beginning at the beginning, right here’s the way to master your Android smartphone.Google Assistant recommendations and tricks: Master your Android assistantSort out your Google account

Android and Google are like peas in a pod. To use Android, you need to apply a Google account. That manner the entirety that is going with it – Gmail, calendars, contacts, YouTube, Google Maps and greater.

Getting your account in order is something you could do from your PC before you sign into your new device, letting you operate the massive display screen and keyboard to get things immediately.

Google contains a contacts system which hides within Gmail in your computing device browser. If you have got lots of contacts, import them into Google contacts and control them there. Managing them on a laptop makes it much faster to get everything accurate before you get began.


If you’ve got your contacts in another shape, there are smooth ways to import them to Google, as well as test for duplicates and so forth. As your Android existence progresses, it’s well worth popping returned to your core Google contacts listing to check that the entirety continues to be fine and tidy. You can always head to to get a grip.

If you are taking into consideration saving contacts to the SIM card and moving them over, it is now not really worth the attempt: higher to discover the software to import them from your vintage cellphone in your PC, to then feed them to Google. It will make your lifestyles simpler within the future.Master transfer equipment, or just use Google

Many producers offer switch gear that will help you move vintage content material to new locations. For many it is one of the options when you installation a tool for the first time. Android has the option to restore a preceding backup, or installation a tool from scratch, in addition to imparting you the chance to transfer facts wirelessly to setup things like your debts and settings.

Generally talking, in case you’ve been the usage of Android formerly, the ones objects associated with your account will pass over without a hitch. Just make certain you backup your vintage smartphone earlier than you begin the system – it must include all your calls and SMS messages, however other messaging apps – like WhatsApp – will ought to be setup one by one, the use of their own backup tactics.Transferring images and videos

For such things as pix, you may wish to move them to a cloud carrier in case you need to hold them. This has the brought benefit of being a backup in case you lose your cellphone.

Google Photos is the apparent preference for Android users, as it’s related to your account. You just should deploy the app and register if it is now not already in your device. Head to the menu to settings > backup & sync and you may find all of the options to backup photographs. It’s true to have backup turned on all the time, so your photographs are continually there, even if you lose your telephone.

You also can deploy Google Photos on the iPhone, again presenting a way to backup photographs on your iOS device. This will at once backup nearby snap shots, however when you have been the usage of iPhone for a while, you may should download snap shots from iCloud – for which you will probably have to use a PC and extra software.

Another alternative for pictures is OneDrive from Microsoft or Dropbox, as each offer photo backup options and are widely handy throughout systems.

You can also keep to a microSD card and pass it throughout, when you have the hardware to assist it – but once more, transferring to the cloud means you have a backup off your phone and you can get right of entry to pics via browser in your PC. Google Photos on Google PlayDropbox on Google PlayOneDrive on Google PlayTurn off all the ones sounds and vibrations

New telephones want to buzz, click on and beep at every contact. For a few motive, manufacturers think which you want to continuously recognise which you’ve touched it and all this stuff are annoying and might even sluggish the smartphone down.

Once you’ve looked after a number of the basics, tame those notifications and undesirable vibrations. You’ll thank us in the end.

On a standard Android smartphone (Pixel, Nokia, Moto), head into settings > sound & vibration > advanced > other sounds and vibrations. Here you’ll be able to turn off display screen locking, contact sounds and vibrate on faucet.

If you need to edit the keyboard vibrations, head into settings > gadget > languages & input > virtual keyboard, then select your keyboard and head into alternatives and you can turn off such things as vibrate on keypress.

Sadly, producers who make their very own skin pass these items round and change the region of these settings, as do distinctive versions of Android. But head into the sounds section and you will see a world of alternatives.Choose the fine Android Keyboard

If you have got a cellphone from a manufacturer like LG, HTC, Samsung, Huawei or many others, you might discover which you have a keyboard it’s no longer remarkable. On Android you may use any keyboard you want and there may be masses on Google Play.

If you’re looking for greater customisation and better autocorrect and hints, the SwiftKey is a exceptional keyboard that learns from you better and gives masses of tweaking.See SwiftKey on Google Play

However, if you simply want speed and simplicity then you will find that Gboard – the Google Keyboard – is honestly one of the best available. It’s the stock keyboard for Android, so it comes on many devices already. If you’ve now not were given it, then it’s a must.See Gboard on Google Play

Changing keyboards is pretty simple. In maximum cases, while you’ve downloaded a brand new keyboard, just top on “open” in Google Play or tap the notification and you may release into the setup.Dump the junk apps

Some producers will include apps in your phone you do not need or need. Some can be preinstalled games, a few services or different matters that the enterprise has agreed to include with their telephones whether or not you want them or now not – and a few might be in which the manufacturer thinks that its version of an app is better than a inventory Android app. In most cases, this is undesirable bloatware.

You’ll regularly be capable of delete these apps during steup – or decide out of installing them alternatively. Otherwise, you might ought to manually eliminate them, by way of long pressing at the app icon inside the app drawer and choosing uninstall. Some can’t be uninstalled, in which case you may need to create a folder for junk apps and move all of them to there so that you’re no longer looking at them all the time.

Google offers its own version of the Phone and Messages app, which you would possibly need to install instead of the ones presented via the manufacturer. Once you open them, you open them you will be triggered to cause them to your default.Which is the first-rate Android browser?

There are lots of browsers available for Android, with each offering a range of various alternatives. The inventory browser is Chrome and that is the pleasant Android browser for many human beings, as it syncs with Chrome on the desktop and offers clean access on your Google records for a unbroken experience.

However, while you’re looking at a brand new tool, you may find that you have some other browser, probable one that has been tinkered with by using the tool manufacturer. More often than not, you can forget about it and pass instantly for Chrome. If you have got a couple of browser mounted, the smartphone will ask you which to open until you choose a default. Often you simply need to faucet the message that pops up and you are completed. Get on your settings faster

Swiping down the notifications bar gets you get entry to to shortcuts for various hardware toggles. It’s here you can turn off things like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi fast and easily. Many producers edit this area, so Samsung, LG, HTC and Pixel gadgets all look one of a kind, however all of them paintings inside the same manner.

Swipe down withhands and it will take you instantly to the ones toggles, or swipe down two times to get the whole thing open.

The top tip right here is to lengthy press the short placing and you may visit the full menu for that location. For instance, if Wi-Fi is causing you issues, lengthy press on the short putting icon and you’ll go through to the entire Wi-Fi menu.

If you want to move to the overall putting menu, faucet the cog inside the notifications area while you swipe down, rather than attempting to find the option inside the apps tray.Data no longer working?


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