Android Tips, Hints, Hacks — Component #1

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Android Vehicle Features, Pointers, And Tricks

There is no war of words that Android is now the most used mobile running gadget within the world. With many commentators placing its marketplace proportion at around 70%, Android will upward push to the pinnacle surpassing Apple’s iOS for sure. With such growing presence, there are too many Android programs, even though if we are capable of hack Android OS and customise it as we want. Not to worry, loopy Android developers have already finished this for us.

People have successfully rooted their Android smartphones and there are quantity of wild Android tweaks and hacks with countless programs (Android apps). Some of these Android apps are amusing and a few are very useful too. In this publish, we’re going to gift the pinnacle Android tweaks, hacks, recommendations and applications to make your Android Smartphone smarter than ever earlier than. While a few may additionally already be regarded, there may be a few too many which you both did no longer understand of or possibly did not don’t forget to use. So why not adopt a number of those recommendations for your everyday Android existence and make the pleasant use of your Android phone to make your cellphone existence less difficult.

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Discover Apple’s Find My iPhone Android Counterpart

You may also have several pals who are the usage of Apple products, and they boast about how secure their handsets are thanks to the Find My iPhone function.

Well, you won’t ought to pull away from them as your Android telephone also has Find My Device (previously referred to as as Android Device Manager) – a feature that works precisely like Find My iPhone. It helps you to locate your misplaced or stolen smartphone without difficulty, so you’ll recognise where to retrieve the tool.

Apart from that, Android’s Find My Device lets in you to lock your smartphone remotely, in particular if the phone became stolen. By blockading his get right of entry to for your exclusive information, the thief may be averted from gathering beneficial statistics. And in case you want to move similarly, you could erase everything to your cellphone via Find My Device.

To activate, comply with those simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings and look for Security & Location. The name of this section varies relying in your phone.

Step 2: Tap on Find My Device.

Step 3: Turn the characteristic on and set up your place for an correct monitoring if ever the worst thing occurs .

Step four: You also can head to Device Admin Apps.

Step five: Click Find My Device.

Step 6: Read the permissions first. If you prefer to, you may spark off this tool admin app to routinely delete the entirety without warning once the smartphone is lost or stolen.

For your facts, you could additionally download the Find My Device app from Google Play Store for an simpler get admission to to the feature. You can also configure the settings.

Now, if before the calamity struck (allow’s say, the telephone were given misplaced or stolen) you have already switched at the Find My Device characteristic, here’s what you want to do:

Step 7: Open your Google account for your PC or any other smartphone. Look for Find Your Phone.

Step 8: If you’ve got numerous gadgets related for your Google account, choose the only that’s lost. Let’s just assume that we misplaced our device (that we want gained’t appear).

Step 9: After Google asks for verification, you’ll receive a few options to locate and with a bit of luck, retrieve your phone. You also can select to signal out your account on the tool.

Keep Your Apps Private Hack

You don’t want others scrolling thru your messages or image albums, do you? We understand why you are very strict when a person borrows your tool. After all, it’s your private area!

You received’t want your buddies to turn you into a laughingstock just due to your goofy pics they noticed for your recent album! That’s a large no-no. So how do you preserve your nosy buddies out of your different apps? Here’s how:

Step 1: Go to Settings. Find Security & Location.

Step 2: Tap on Screen Pinning.

Step three: You’ll be instructed a way to do screen pinning. Enable the feature.

Step 4: As what changed into informed, you have to press the Overview button. You’ll then see the Pin icon on the bottom right. Once you observed the app you need to pin, click on it.

Step five: To unpin, you need to press the Back button and Overview key simultaneously for a 2d oror input your PIN/passcode. You can now switch on your other apps.

Use Guest Mode On Android

One of our phones, which is a Lenovo K8 Note, comes with the Guest Mode function which we determined very beneficial. While screen pinning only shall we your pals get admission to one app, the Guest Mode lets in get admission to to a couple of apps, whether or not they prefer to take a selfie and publish it on their social media money owed.

The right aspect about Guest Mode is that it best suggests the default apps. There was one time that a kid borrowed our phone and we realized that he restarted a game!

Guest Mode shall we other human beings down load new apps, take new photographs, and input their social media debts as though the tool is theirs. However, when you get out of Guest Mode, all of your data will be retained. The next time they borrow your cellphone, transfer again to Guest Mode and that they’ll see which you haven’t deleted their photographs.

Here’s how Guest Mode works:

Step 1: Swipe down the Status Bar. Press the User icon.

Step 2: Switch to Guest Mode.

Step 3: You’ll be requested in case you need to begin over or preserve your previous pastime.

Step 4: Here’s what our Guest Mode looks as if:

Compare it to our home display screen:

Note: Don’t thoughts the wallpaper. We clearly love Japan’s sakura tree (and watercolor wallpapers).

Bypass Your Security While Staying Safe

When we are saying skip, it’s now not what most of us assume- hackers looking to skip your non-public area to scouse borrow facts. We believe it’s time to think of “pass” in a tremendous light. How can you pass your safety even as staying safe?

First off, you want to installation a depended on place that your device received’t require you to key in your passcode. This easy Android hack is perfect to do to your personal house. Beware! Don’t set any public vicinity as a depended on vicinity.

To do this, observe the instructions beneath:

Step 1: Go to Settings and click on on Security & Location.

Step 2: Tap on Smart Lock. You’ll then be asked to enter your tool PIN to hold.

Step 3: Click on Trusted Places.

Step four: Now, add a relied on area. We advocate you to choose this one well because it’d placed your phone at chance.

Step 5: Using Google Maps, you have to find your selected cope with and press Select this Location. While you’re in that vicinity, you received’t must again and again free up the phone.

Access Developer Options

Although this Android hack normally receives ignored, it’s far very beneficial for us tool proprietors. By unlocking developer options, we can configure our phone’s profile, tweak its performance, to call a few.

Through gaining access to developer alternatives, you can view the device facts or choose to disable bloatware that got here with the smartphone. Now which you know how beneficial the developer options are, comply with these commands:

Step 1: Head to Settings and click System. Other telephones don’t have this phase. If your phone is among them, simply continue to the second step.

Step 2: Look for About Phone and click on it.

Step three: Find the Build Number and tap on it exactly 7 times.

Step 4: After the 7th click on, we had been requested to key in a passcode. A notification confirmed up announcing that we already are a developer.

Step 5: Go back to the System tab and you’ll now see the Developer Options section.

Step 6: Tweak your device according to your liking.

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