Best Android Hints, Guidelines & Hacks 2021 – Secure Tricks

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Best Android Hints, Guidelines & Hacks - 2021 - Secure Tricks

First of all, we in no way say enough approximately Android. Due to the Open Source Policy, there are limitless possibilities for Apps, Hacks, Tips & Tricks. There are countless customization and features customers can upload to their Android Smartphones thru Apps.

Android users are instead seeking out approaches to personalize their phones and make the quality use of functions to be had. There are many Hacks, Tips, and Tricks to be had for Android, which makes it a really perfect running machine for these days’s technology.

Since people maintain enhancing their telephone’s features and the interface, so, in case you need to do the identical, we’ve got a list of Top 10 Best Hacks, Tips and Tricks for Android that will help you do the equal.

These Hacks, Tips, and Tricks will make you familiar with precise capabilities for your telephone. Therefore, helping in the use of it to its full potential.Top 10 Best Hacks, Tips, and Tricks for Android.1. Set Multiple Ringtones.

It might be the best Android trick in the listing of Best Hacks, Tips, and Tricks for Android. It is a easy yet handy trick. Also, it helps you to installation a playlist as your ringtone for Calls, SMS, and alarm.

Moreover, it method there may be a specific alert sound every time you get a call or SMS and consequently, a new alarm tone each day.

Steps to set More than One Ringtones at once are :Download and installation RandTune from the Download Link.Grant all permissions.Now You will see three most important sections every for Calls, SMS, and Alarms.Move to the following tab, and faucet the + sign to create a playlist.

5. Move back to the preceding segment and then set the playlist as your alert for the preferred category.

And you’re done. You can get innovative and make as many playlists as you want.2. Create your private space in Android.

We have a lot of non-public records saved on our telephones. Android gives to maintain this information secure by using providing display screen locks. There also are App locks to be had on Google Play Store as well as you can have vaults mounted.

But there may be a simple android trick so that it will will let you create your own area to your smartphone. You can install apps, create different bills, and shop non-public statistics in this area, and no person will recognize.

Steps to create your Personal area in Android.Go to Settings > Users.Add a brand new User.Set Up the account as a result.Install the apps you need and log in on your mystery debts.

You can without difficulty transfer among bills by tapping the Avatar icon to your notification panel. Both accounts have special lock passwords, so you are very secure. This trick works on Lollipop v5.0 and above.3. Unlock Hacks.

There are several ways you may control your screen lock in Android, yet many customers aren’t privy to this selection. In this trick, we will show you 3 powerful methods by means of which you can lessen the wide variety of times you enter your password. Therefore it will make your life very smooth.

Method 1. Facial recognition.

Android gives facial reputation inbuilt in its OS. You can use your the front digicam to recognize your face and release your cellphone. Thus, getting rid of the need to enter a password.Method 2. Trusted Place.

Android customers can use this Tip if they free up their telephones lots at a specific region like home, and so forth. Android will routinely open itself and not ask for a lock display password at this vicinity. You can set as many sites as you need.Method 3. On Body Detection.

It is rather one of the pleasant liberate hack in Android. The smartphone will routinely discover while it’s miles down and not being held via the user, thus locking itself. It gained’t ask for a password when it’s miles for your hand, pocket or bag. It is probably the most useful element ever.Steps to Use The Unlock Hacks are :Go to Settings.Head to lock screen and faucet on the smart lock.Set Up the strategies described above.4. Automatically get lyrics on YouTube.

Get-Lyrics is our favorite trick for Android. Due to freedom of permissions for Android apps, this simple trick will get live lyrics on each song video you watch on YouTube. It works thoroughly and is a ought to-attempt trick.

Steps to Automatically get lyrics of YouTube song movies are :Install the Mix healthy app from the Google Play Store.Grant important permissions.Open YouTube and play a music video.Tap the Mix healthy floating icon to view the lyrics.

It is a ought to-attempt a trick, and we are positive you will find it irresistible.five. Automatically Record all of your Calls.

There can be numerous reasons, however people would possibly want to file their conversations over calls. It may be for evidence of dedication, reminiscence, or another reason. There are many ways to document an attraction on Android, but we here have the high-quality tool which will accomplish that.

Automatic Call Recorder is an app to be had on the play store, and you may set up it from the hyperlink underneath. It is a must-strive the app because it is simple to use, and it does its task quite nicely. The app is dedicated to supplying you with incredible audio files of all of your conversations. You can set regulations for automatic document function and do a great deal more. Get the app from Download Link.

6. Install and use Linux on Android.

You gained’t recognise, but you likely can run a full-featured Linux desktop operating machine on your Android telephone. You don’t even require root privileges to accomplish that. All you want to do is install the Debian No root app from the play keep, and it’s all. You can enjoy all of the Linux Pc capabilities for your Android smartphone the usage of this easy little trick. You can even connect a Bluetooth mouse and a keyboard, and if your phone helps HDMI, you could rather make a completely running PC the usage of your smartphone. Get it from Download Link.

7. Make Android a Heart Rate Monitor.

Many flagship devices like Samsung Galaxy S6 come with an in-built Heart price sensor. This simple little trick will make any Android device a heart fee display. You can monitor your heartbeat via the LED flash to your telephone the use of this trick.

Steps to transform LED flash right into a heart fee sensor are :Install the “Instant Heart Rate” app from the Download Button.Keep your finger regular on the LED flash of your telephone.The app will tell you your heart price in numerous beats according to minute.

This app might be beneficial for Android users with a clinical circumstance.eight. Reveal hidden Android Options and settings.

There is a hidden menu in settings in each Android phone that contains a fixed of gear, alternatives, and parameters that permit you to advantage greater manage over the cellphone’s inner settings. It is known as Developer Options. It is hidden by using default, but it could rather be without difficulty accessed. Also, it contains many essential settings, like animations and USB debugging.

Steps to get entry to Developer Options in Android are:Go to Settings.Tap on about. Here you’ll see a Build Number.Rapidly tap at the construct number until you spot a toast notification, “You are actually a developer.”Go again to Settings, and you may see a brand new alternative at the lowest.

Make positive you realize what setting you are changing as it may mess up your device overall performance.9. Recover Deleted Messages on Android.

This Hack has as an alternative been tested to be a blessing for many users. It can be used to recover by chance deleted messages from your Android cellphone. This Hack requires a PC, yet it is easy and easy to carry out.

Steps to Recover deleted messages in Android :First of all, down load and install the Android information recuperation device in your PC from Download Button. On your cellphone, head to Settings > Developer options and enable USB Debugging. If you don’t see developer options, then here’s how to allow it.Launch the device on PC and connect your cellphone thru a USB cable.Select Messages and click on Recover. Now the recovery method will begin.

This Hack may be a lifesaver in some situations.10. Encryption.

It is the last however no longer least tip in the pinnacle 10 Best hacks, hints and tricks for Android. Encryption is a characteristic in Android that shops facts in your phone by means of changing it in a scrambled form. That means nobody can get admission to your telephone with out the decryption pin. It is incredibly advocated if your smartphone has sensitive statistics which you suppose may work inside the incorrect arms. With encryption enabled, no one can get admission to your garage or data without the pin you put.

There are some things to be aware of before encryption.It takes a variety of time for the process to complete so charge your battery.There is no manner to reverse it, and you need to reset your smartphone to undo it.There can be a slight discount in performance.If the system is interrupted, you may lose all of your records.Steps to encrypt complete Android cellphone are:Head to Settings and tap on Security.Go to Encrypt Phone.Read the literature carefully before tapping on ENCRYPT PHONE.


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